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Facebook & Instagram ads management

Before we start

I will set up a discovery call and have a casual chat about where you are at with your business, and why you feel that Facebooks ads are the next step for your marketing strategy. A quick audit will then be done by me to check that your website is in optimal condition to proceed with Facebook ads. If anything needs to be fixed up before we start, I will advice you of what needs to be done and go from there.  

Getting started

As part of running your Facebook Ad campaigns I put together a Facebook Ads strategy that will run across both Facebook and Instagram. I provide you with a strategy map for the first 3 months. A minimum of 3 months commitment is required for us to work together. The first month is pure investment, I create new audiences, and test a variety of copy and creative to pinpoint your 'hero audience'. this enables me to understand what your audience likes in the way of copy and creative as well. The more data that can be collected in this time the better. This is a crucial step. It ensures that we are not wasting advertising budget on ads that are not performing well, or converting.

Communication & reporting

All my clients are different, some want to hear from me weekly, other's  fortnightly or monthly. Once we decide to work together we come up with a plan that best suits your requirements. Communication is really important and I like to ensure my clients are comfortable in the way they are communicated with.


From $1000* per month for complete ads management.

Please note the retainer does not include your ad spend. I do not work with client who cannot commit to $1000 per month in ad spend.

After the initial 3 months you can choose to take over the ads and run them yourself, if this is the case I do a handover session with you for an hour. I offer an hourly rate for previous clients who would like me to review the ads and run a report/ audit for them on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. For those long term clients, we review the ad strategy every 3 months and work on new goals.

Please note prices are subject to change, and the above prices are for up to 3 ad campaigns, within each ad campaign you get 2 ad sets, and 4 ads.

*Does not include first month set up fee, or GST.


 Advertising Strategy

Who is this for?

This is for those who have a reasonable understanding of running Facebook Ads, but just need a strategy in place.

What’s Included?

A 3 months strategy is produced. This strategy includes a 3 step funnel mapped out to show you step by step what to do in each stage and is then implemented by you.


$750 Incl GST


 Facebook ads audit/ advisory session

Who is this for?

For clients who are comfortable with running their own ads, but need an audit of what is, and what isn’t working. This includes a look at your website, your pixel data, current and past ads.

What’s included?

I will send through a questionnaire to be filled out prior to scheduling a 1.5 hour phone consultation. Together we will take a deep dive into your business goals relating to digital marketing via a zoom call. This session will be recorded and sent to you to reference back too. We will focus on what you want to achieve with your Facebook advertising & how to implement this. I will highlight the areas that are working and the ones that aren’t, this includes showing you how to read the data correctly. I will provide you with my key recommendations in order to move forward with your goals.


$450 Incl GST


The Social Difference Academy (Membership)

Who is this for?

For the start ups, the small business owners & the DIY’ers. The Social Difference Academy is an online membership where you get access to my 7 Steps to Success for Facebook & Instagram advertising, weekly Live Q&A’s, Monthly Deep Dive sessions & Expert interviews. My goal is to help you achieve great success, not only with Facebook advertising, but with your business as a whole.

The membership is a closed membership which opens only a few times per year. To hop onto the wait list please click the below button.