Facebook Reviews Are Changing *Hooray*

Open up the champagne *pop* because Facebook has finally listened to business owners regarding the issues with the Facebook star ratings on Business Pages. This is currently being rolled out across the board so if you haven't seen changes yet, hang tight, it's coming.

No more 1-5 star reviews, and no more leaving a review with no comments. This means those pesky people who leave a 1 star review and don't provide any comments as to why are no longer a concern. Bye Felicia 👋 A review needs to be a minimum of 25 characters, they can then choose wether or not they would like to recommend your Page with a simple Yes or No recommendation. BOOM. 

The new changes give you, as the owner of your Page more control, you can choose to make the reviews public or only share them with friends. 

And the best part... you can report and dispute unfair recommendations *Standing ovation* 🙌 👏

Are you excited by these changes? Have you had a bad experience with the 5 star rating system? 

Lindell StewartComment