How I became my own boss

Wow, I can’t believe my little business is 1 years old. That absolutely flew by. I wanted to share this blog because I think that more and more people are wanting to start their own business in order to create a life they truly desire. The whole ‘life by design’ is so amazing, and oh-so possible. But I want to be honest with you, if your head isn’t in the right space, then you are going to fail. *ouch* I know, sorry, that’s harsh, but it’s true. a little bit more about that later, let’s quickly start at the beginning…

I’m going to take you way back, to when I finished school. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I wasn’t like the other kids at school who all wanted to become teachers, or lawyers, or whatever. I was a bit of a rebel at heart. I’ve never liked looking too far into the future, I just wanted to live in the moment, and so I did. I was working in retail at the time of finishing school, when my best friend told me to apply for an administration position at the company she was working for. Not being one to miss out on an opportunity I applied. And so my Corporate career began. It was for a 12 month internship, they paid for my Cert 4 in Business Administration. I finished in head office after the 1 year internship and continued working with the company for another 2 years moving around in different branches relieving other Administration Assistants until I finally got placed at a permanent location.

My administration experience lead me to working for a Construction company where my role was ‘Tender Coordinator’. I was 23 when I got this amazing new job. I was earning decent money for my age, and I loved the company and the work. It was long hours, some days we could close up to 4 tenders and sometimes we were closing multiple tenders at once. It was fast paced, stressful, and the hours were long, but I LOVED it, I was part of an amazing supportive team of people. I remember so many weeks and months where we would start work at 7am, and finish at 10pm, sometimes later. I use to fly tenders to Canberra, in and out in one day. I would get the red eye out of Melbourne, hop in a taxi in Canberra, drop the tender off, head back to the airport, and then once in Melbourne, head back to the office by 1pm to grab some lunch and start the next tender. It was hectic, but I was young, full of energy, and I thrived in that environment, the team spirit in pulling it all together, and the satisfaction when we won a tender after all the hard work that was poured into it was so wroth it. The company looked after us, we got bonuses, fancy dinners out, awesome Christmas parties, and a great CEO. I was part of this incredible team, they felt like my second family. But after 3 years I was exhausted, and knew that I couldn’t keep that up forever. The company was hit hard by the 2008 GFC and I saw people being let go, and the CEO literally standing in boardroom trying to keep himself from breaking down. Those were hard times. It was a downward spiral from there and I knew it was time to move on. I went for a job at an Engineering company as an Executive Assistant to the GM. The work was fine, but there was no challenge, I was bored… I stayed there for over a year and decided it was time to move on again. I then took an EA position for the worst boss in the world. He was awful in fact. He treated me terribly, some mornings he wouldn’t even greet me. He completely broke my confidence. I stuck it out for 2.5 years. Why? I wish I knew… I finally left, feeling defeated with my confidence at an all time low. I wished I could go back to my old job that I loved so much, but times had changed, and that company no longer exists. I had to move on, and I realised that I may never find such an amazing company ever again.

I decided to go to University. I was desperately searching for answers, and at the age of 28 I felt that I needed to get my shit together - career wise. What I did find at Uni, was amazing people and endless possibilities. I studied for 1 year, and averaged a HD. I was so proud of myself. It gave me my confidence back.

I fell pregnant within that year of Uni. So after Uni finished, I was getting ready for my baby boy to arrive, and take on a brand new role as ‘mum’. My little boy was born and our world as we knew it, had changed big time. Being responsible for a little human sometimes consumed me with anxiety - and sometimes it still does.

So why am I telling you all of this? Because I want you to know that my business didn’t happen in some romanticised idyllic way. My past set me up for my current life. Working in the Corporate world taught me a lot, about business, about people, and most importantly about myself. I did some major soul searching whilst at Uni, and whilst I was a stay at home mum. I am a huge believer in self help, I consumed so many books, podcasts and youtube video’s working my own limiting beliefs.

Despite wanting to start my own business at this point, but knowing what I would do, I started a job as an Office Manager when Jackson was 1.5 years old. Amongst my many tasks I was also running the Social Media Management and Facebook Advertising for the business and I was loving it, but I hated the environment, and I hated the way I was being treated. Another company, another crappy boss who didn’t appreciate what I was capable of. After 3 months I thought - WTF am I doing? So I called my dad (he’s always my voice of reason) and I said to him, “Dad I hate this job, I hate my boss, and I don’t know what I am doing.” That’s when he told me to quit on the spot, sign up to as many courses I could to learn about Digital Marketing, Instagram Management and Facebook Advertising. I called my husband “Umm, I think I’m going to quit, I want to start my own business”. He’s response? “Good! hand in your resignation and let’s chat tonight”. I was petrified, and excited all at once. What the heck did I know about running a business? Who was I to run my own business? *hello imposter syndrome*. I had been involved in many marketing campaigns in Corporate so I knew enough, I felt to get the ball rolling. And that’s exactly what I did!

Here I am today… 1 year later, and I’m so grateful I took the leap.

I felt it was necessary to give you a bit of a back story first (the short version), before I write my next blog about ‘My first year in business”. I hope that this blog resonated with someone on some level. Maybe you can relate because you have been in my shoes, or maybe you’re in that place right now… Either way, I truly wish for this blog to help inspire those who are afraid, or are letting imposter syndrome hold them hostage in their current situation.

Love & succcess,

Lindell x