Meet 'The Low Tox Fox'

I am so excited to have had the pleasure of not only meeting Amy (aka The Low Tox Fox) in real life, but to have interviewed this awesome Boss Babe was so inspiring, I just know you will feel inspired after reading it as well. 


We help people transition to toxin free living, we stock toxin free skincare, makeup and cleaning products and have 2 float tanks and an infrared sauna. We are a de-tox hub in every sense of the word - you can detox your mind, body and home.


1. What did you do before the Low Tox Fox was born? 

I was an accountant! I worked for manufacturing companies working out how much it cost to make, say, a litre of milk, and if we over of under spent on what we thought it should cost I would investigate why. I liked that part of my job but accounting is very procedural and every week and month is the same, that part drove me crazy!  

2. How did you come up with the idea of starting the business? 

I have endometriosis and have always been told by doctors that they have no idea what causes it, I wouldn’t accept that and started doing my own research and came across many people who referenced hormone disrupting chemicals as significantly affecting women’s health, I dug deeper and found they are in almost everything and are actually very bad for everyone’s health. After I learnt that I wanted to shout it from the rooftops, so I started blogging about my journey and The Low Tox Fox was born, and about 5 months ago it became my full time job.

3. Were you afraid of starting your own business? How did you manage that fear/ doubt. 

I had surgery in 2015 to remove my endometriosis and it was so bad that 15cms of my bowel had to be removed as well, 2 weeks later things went horribly wrong and I ended up in ICU in a critical condition, I was in hospital for a month and was literally fighting for my life. After that I really thought about how I spend my life and I really didn’t want to spend it moving numbers around on spreadsheets, it just seemed so ridiculous that that’s what I did with my time. So definitely it’s scary starting your own business but for me it was scarier thinking I’d spend my life doing something I wasn’t passionate about, or that didn’t have any real impact on the world around me.

It’s kind of morbid but after I recovered I thought about what mark I’d leave on the world and I wanted it to be something I felt proud of, so I feel super lucky to be here doing something I love.

4. Have you always wanted to start your own business? 

To be honest I never really knew what I wanted to do, I tried to get a good enter score so I’d at least have options, I ended up doing a Business and Commerce degree at uni because I thought it was broad enough to find something I enjoyed doing. It turned out I was pretty good at accounting so my lecturer convinced me to make it my major, and that’s how I got into accounting. After getting sick I knew I wanted more so I thought why not do exactly what I want and work for myself.

5. What other plans have you got for the business? 

Probably too many! I’m going to start recording videos this year, I’m also going to host events to help people transition to toxin free living, Friday I have a professional makeup artist coming to help people transition to toxin free, certified organic makeup. In the next couple of weeks I have my essential oils supplier, who is a qualified aromatherapist, come in and chat all thing wellness with essential oils.   

I’ll also host a few, first up is the top 5 toxic ingredients I think should be avoided, I really want to empower people to make better decisions for themselves rather than just saying ‘don’t buy this, buy this instead’

6. What is your biggest challenge as a small business owner? 

Being by myself most of the time! I didn’t think it would feel so lonely as I see customers all day and interact a lot on social media, but it really doesn’t compare to having workmates and people I can bounce ideas off. I’m lucky that my husband is very savvy and I can talk to him about everything but it’s not quite the same as working with someone.

7. What is the favourite part of your job? 

For sure it’s helping people! I currently have a couple of regulars who come for a float and/or infrared sauna 3 times a week, one has arsenic poisoning so is detoxing it out of his body with the sauna (under the guidance of a medical practitioner) and the other is a former tradie who has been suffering with pain for years, he’s very sweet and thanks me and shakes my hand every time I see him, he tells me nothing has ever helped him as much as our floats and saunas have, which is just the best feeling!

I literally just had someone come out of their float and cry because she loved it so much, she nearly made me cry!  

I LOVE meeting people and helping them transition to toxin free living, I think some people think you have to sacrifice effectiveness when you switch to toxin free, but that’s just not true! I love it when people come back and tell me how well the products work for them.  

8. What advise do you have for those that have a similar dream to you, to start their own business? 

You need to love what you do, for sure. It’s not easy but if you’re really passionate about what you do, it keeps the driving force within you going. I think if you start a business just to make money then it’s going to be very difficult, when you have to do the not-so-fun jobs, like cleaning showers and toilets, mopping floors and endless amounts of washing I think it would be really easy to say ‘what the heck am I doing this for?!’ but when you have a bigger reason it makes those jobs easier.

Finding your passion is probably the hardest part, and if you already know what you’re passionate about then you’re half way there!

9. What was the biggest challenge for you when setting up the business? 

I’m super bummed to say that lots of males still don’t take females, especially young females, seriously. I can’t tell you how many older male real estate agents I dealt with who treated me like an idiot. I actually found that really confronting and to be honest, it really pissed me off. Juggling the council, estate agents and trades was also really difficult and, at times, stressful, I used to think I’d do pretty well on ‘The Block’ but now I think it would be awful!

10. Do you have any tips or tricks to share for those that may be considering taking the same leap of faith as you did? 

Have a safety net and just jump!! Sometimes it can be super scary but if you’re passionate about what you do you’ll know your target market, because its people like you! Worst case scenario you end up back doing what you’re doing now, best case you’ll have a thriving business that you love, so go for it!  

11. How did you go about creating relationships with your amazing suppliers?

 I stock brands that I found on my own journey, so I just started emailing them, I shared my vision and it went from there. I think people in health and wellness uplift each other rather than compete with each other so I have amazingly supportive relationships with my suppliers

12. As a small business owner, what support networks would you suggest needs to be available if any? 

I’d love a community of small business owners that could chat online in a FB group and then once a month in real life, somewhere you can share what worked and what didn’t, you can give and receive advice from others and feel like you’re part of a community. If there is such a place I haven’t found it yet

Amy Fox

Boss Woman

If you would like to contact Amy please look her up on Facebook and Instagram under "the Low Tox Fox"!