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My name is Lindell, nice to e-meet you. I am the owner and founder of The Social Difference.

I have 10 years experience in the corporate world as a high level Executive Assistant. I worked alongside large marketing teams & discovered the power of branding, identifying target audiences & learnt how to execute advertising strategies. My love for marketing & social media lead me down the digital marketing path. In order to succeed with Facebook ads you need to love it, and I truly LOVE Facebook & Instagram advertising.

My passion is to truly make a difference in the world. I believe in being of service, & I want to help as many eco and socially conscious business as I can. I strongly believe in community over competition, & that there is enough for all of us.

Coffee lover. Wine lover. Nature lover. Digital marketing obsessed.

Building real connection is possible with an authentic business & marketing strategy. That’s where I come in!


Helping businesses grow is what I love doing the most. 

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We understand how important it is for every business to have a social footprint, to stand out from the crowd in an overcrowded digital world.

The Social Difference’s network is a close knit team of professionals supporting each other to grow. We work transparently & ethically to collaborate rather than outsource so you will get to know each professional involved in your customized package.

We believe that collaboration gives us the edge over digital agencies. Harnessing the passion & experience of other digital experts ensures that the businesses we work with get unparalleled results.

The Social Difference is here to make a difference to your business.